Our IMTIAZ Cards give you numerous features suited for your daily use, allowing you to have a trendy lifestyle. Enjoy a range of benefits that enhance your daily life by offering protected and privileged financial convenience:

·       Free card without annual fees.

·       Competitive low interest rate.

·       IMTIAZ Loyalty Program.

·       Free miles for Gulf Air's FFP program.

·    Enjoy exclusive access to unlimited access to international VIP lounges across the world. For more information about lounges access please download "Mastercard For You" app for the latest updates:


·       24-hour dedicated call center for card services.

·       Exclusive internet shopping offers.

·       Our cards come with a range of benefits that reflect careful consideration of what you need and expect on a day-to-day basis.

·       Get access to handpicked experiences and offers in cities around the world.

·       Get access to hundreds of Buy1Get1 offers throughout Middle East and Africa.


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*All features are subject to terms & conditions.

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