Loan Against Properties (LAP)

With Bahrain Credit, there's no need to sell your property to get cash. 

You can receive cash and retain your property at the same time by refinancing it through our property refinance solution.

We understand that refinancing your property can sometimes get complicated. We will help you to determine the best loan for your individual/business needs.


We provide the following features when you use our property refinance solution:

  • Use the cash in your own property to buy additional properties or fund other investment opportunities.

  • Financing properties in all areas of Bahrain.

  • Finance solutions suitable for individuals as well as small and medium enterprises.

  • Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis are welcome.

  • Initial approval within 48 hours.

  • First installment after 6 months.

  • Maximum age on loan maturity up to 65 years, with a extension to 70 years subject to insurance company approval.

  • Combine various sources of income for each client.

  • Dedicated relationship manager that understands your financial needs.

  • Free IMTIAZ credit card with all mortgages.

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* All features are subject to terms & conditions.

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