Privacy Guidelines

1. Introduction 

Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company (BCFC) is committed to protecting your personal information when you use our services.

This Privacy Guidelines is related to BCFC usage of any personal information that it may collect from you via the following online services:

        a) Website

        b) social media

        c) mobile applications

It is also related to using any personal information provided by:

        a) phone

        b) SMS

        c) Email

        d) in person

The Company assures you towards protecting and safeguarding your personal information.  We will retain your personal information private and confidential and we are legally obliged to use it in line with the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain concerning the protection of personal information.

2. Who is BCFC?

Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company BSC was established on August 29, 1983 under Bahrain’s Commercial Companies Law 1975 (Legislative Decree No 28 of 1975), as a closed company with the objective to act as a specialist finance company in Bahrain.

In April 1993, the Company was registered as a Public Shareholding Company.

In 2003, the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association were amended in accordance with the Commercial Companies Law (21) of 2001 and its duration became indefinite following a resolution of the shareholders passed at the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting on 10 March 2003.

Effective 26th June 2005, the Company became licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain to operate as a financial institution.

We refer to Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company with “BCFC”, “The Company” or “We”.

Our registered office is:

Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company

Building 290,

Road 111,

Block 701


Kingdom of Bahrain.

3. What Information will BCFC collect about you?

We may receive your personal information when you inquire or apply for any of our products and/or services or when you participate in our activities either by visiting any of our branches or calling us by phone, emailing us or when you create an account, access or sign-up online.

We may collect the following type of personal information:

        a) name;

        b) nationality;

        c) gender preference;

        d) date of birth;

        e) contact details including phone, postal address or email;

        f) employment information;

        g) financial details and bank accounts; and/or

        h) location information.

When any of our online services require providing personal information to access or sign-up via a third-party, you will be asked for your permission and consent.

4. How will BCFC use the Personal Information it collects about you?

Your personal information may be collected, stored and used for the following purposes:

        a) to provide you with your requested products and services.

        b) to send you our latest and new products and services.

        c) to improve our services for the benefit of our customers.

        d) to provide safe and secure services.

        e) to better understand how our customers’ interact with our website and social media accounts.

        f) to determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and advertising such as invitation to conduct surveys about our products and services.

        g) for direct marketing of our products and services.

Your personal data will be processed and treated with high integrity. You have the right to object to this process at any time by contacting the Company on its official communication channels or The Data Protection Supervisor on the following email:

5. How long will BCFC retain your Personal Data?

Your personal data will be stored in our systems for a period of time depending on the relevant agreement or the declaration you have signed with the Company.

Keeping and storing customers’ personal data also depends on the regulatory bodies and laws in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

6. Legal basis for processing your Personal Information

Our legal basis for collecting and using your Personal Data as described above is to:

        a) process your request to buy any of our products and services and perform a relative agreement.

        b) process your inquiries.

        c) to comply with legal obligations and requirements.

7. Will BCFC share my Personal Information with anyone else?

The Company will not disclose any of your Personal Information.  Exception for disclosing Personal Information is limited to legal requirement mandates or within the group companies under BCFC.

The Company might share your Personal Information with its partners for the purposes of providing services requested by you.

The Company will take necessary measures to ensure that Personal Information shared with its partners are protected to the same level of information maintained with us and in accordance with the Kingdom of Bahrain Personal Data Protection Law.

8. What are my Rights?

You have the right to:

        a) Access your e-accounts registered under the Company’s website and view your Personal Data.

        b) Update/change your Personal Data.

        c) Correct any mistake in your Personal Data.

        d) Object to direct marketing.

        e) Withdraw your consent prior binding a legal agreement with the Company.

        f) File a complaint.

        g) Submit a suggestion.

If you have any concern, you may contact our “Data Protection Supervisor” on his contacts enclosed in this Privacy Guidelines.

9. What are Cookies and how does BCFC use them?

Cookies are information about the activities that you conduct while browsing a specific website.  Such information often includes a unique identifier that is sent to and stored in your device (i.e. your computer, tablet or mobile phone) hard drive.

The Company might use Cookies which are generally used to track online traffic flows and help customize the content displayed to you. 

Cookies are also used to understand your usage patterns to help us improving our online services and providing you with a better experience and eventually improving the Company’s overall level of services.

If you continue browsing on our website without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website.

10. Apps and Devices

When you download or use the Company’s mobile application, information about the device identifiers and sign-in details may be automatically stored securely on the device you are using. 

If you have any concern about any information that might be accessed from or stored on your device by the Company, you may refrain from downloading the mobile application on your device or you may contact the Company’s Data Protection Supervisor for more details.

11. Changes to BCFC’s Website Privacy Guidelines

The Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Guidelines at any time as it deems necessary, provided that the Company publishes such amendments on its website.

If you do not agree with any of these changes of amendment, you may contact the Company for more information or refrain from using the Company’s website to submit your personal information.

12. Contacting BCFC about this Website Privacy Guidelines

Should you have further questions of this Privacy Guidelines, please contact:

The Data Protection Supervisor

Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company

Building 290 Road 111 Block 701 Tubli