IMTIAZ Corporate Credit Card

IMTIAZ Corporate Credit Card provides an independent integration of values for corporates, business owners, and small and medium enterprises.

As a brand, IMTIAZ MasterCard is giving you access to over 29.4 million MasterCard acceptance locations worldwide and over 1.5 million ATMs.



When you acquire your IMTIAZ MasterCard, you can enjoy a range of features* tailored to enhance your life:


Required Documents:

Minimum Financial requirements:
  • For individual establishments: 3 years inhouse financials if not available, 2 years Bank statement 
  • For WLL: 3 years audited financials.

KYC Requirements:
  • Company Profile
  • Copy of valid CR/ license
  • owners/shareholders valid ID’s 
  • WLL Documents: (memorandum/ article of association and any amendments, board resolution)  
  • Consents to generate Benefit CRB (for Company and joint/guarantors)

Disclaimer: BCFC may request additional information based on the company type

For enquiries contact:

 Contact person  Phone number  Email
 Sayed Haider Ebrahim  17899432
 Muneer Dadi  17899608

* All features are subject to terms & conditions.

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